Adult students

What do YOU want to do with your singing?

Adult singers in my studio work in whatever genre they desire. My objective is to help you achieve your goals. (And no, you are NOT too old to learn.  I promise.)

  • classical singers working on opera and other classical repertoire in multiple languages
  • finding more comfort in holding the harmonies in your local choir
  • speaking more clearly, loudly, or confidently
  • finding more ease and less fatigue while singing with your rock band (or country, bluegrass, or ….)
  • preparing to audition for community theatre
  • exploring what your voice can do (like singing Disney tunes for fun!)
  • expanding your vocal range
  • matching pitch and learning to sing in tune
  • countering the effects of aging on the voice
  • YOUR goal here!

Many adult students can already read music, but it is not a requirement.  If you wish, you can choose to learn rudiments of music theory in your lessons as we go.